Body Capture

Body Capture is a preservation solution of the human body from todays world. The project presents a time capsule containing a set of parts necessary to reconstruct the body as it is now for a post-trans humanism era.

As the physical body proves to act increasingly as a limitation, trans-humanists predict we will end up in a world where humans can live through machines, uploading their selves onto a computer, and ultimately leading to the extinction of our current human form. With the likes of virtual realities and body modification already prevailing in today’s society, this trans-humanist vision may not be such a far away future.

Facing this prospect, the emphasis of the project lies in preserving an objective experience of being, as we live now, within a physical human body. It serves as an archive that documents the body’s physical space, movement and expression, for a time where the human existence is no longer lived out by these same means.

The components selected for the time capsule collectively address the qualities that define how we live in our bodies now. These components are: a model shell, a surface color map, a body language dictionary and a phonetic voice and facial motion video recording. The model shell is a physical copy of the body, it is the base for all other components. The color map provides information about the visual surface of the body, while the dictionary provides a documentation that dissects how the body performs specific movements and activities. The phonetic voice and facial motion video recording enables a simulation of the human voice and facial movements to be constructed while corresponding to particular words as they are being spoken.

In the coming together of these parts, Body Capture provides a record of the physical human being, specific to both the person and the time, in order for it to be relived in a new physical age.

Facing Average

Facing Average is an on-site installation. The installation encourages us to think about the assumptions we have about the people around us, based on appearance. I hold a mirror to expose our deep-rooted prejudices. Facing Average confronts us with the average face of the people around us and initiates a dialogue between us and the image about the similarities and differences of these people.

Facing Average is an application of machine learning and facial recognition within digital culture. It promotes the way in which these two media are to be used, namely neutral, objectively without prejudices. It is up to man to interpret this again in his or her way. So no judgment is made about gender, ethnic origin, religious or social appearance. It is a mirror of collective rather than the individual at a time when the composition of society is drastically changing.

Facing Average consists of a computer, monitor and webcam. With self-developed software, the computer makes portrait photographs of all people who look at the screen via the webcam and generates a composite image of this. Each portrait photo is placed over the previous photos and melt together to form the average face.

'Facing Average' was exhibited during DDW at the Graduation Show 2018 in the Campina factory.

It was also published in a article at Dezeen

Under Control

The installation Under Control consists of a computer and a connected screen. On these screen avatars move around in a virtual space and interact with each other and with their surroundings. This virtual space looks like a terrarium with avatars resembling natural primitive people to compare and question the difference between actual basic needs like nutrition, physical activity, hygiene and other basic needs of contemporary Western culture.

The avatars are generated by the data of citizens collected while living their daily lives. The profile that is being made with this information will generate the avatar so it will interact in its own particular way like it has its own personality. In this case data are collected from different health apps which are concerning nutrition, physical activity and hygiene. For instance, the more you order pizza, the more your profile creature becomes fat. When using your running app, you profile becomes more fit and active. The more you use apps for healthcare and beauty the more your profile becomes clean, neat, and beautiful. The avatars shown in this installation on the screen are based on the data of the citizens of Eindhoven. In the future it will be possible to meet your own generated avatar based on your own data profile.

'UnderControl' was exhibited during DDW at the Alternate Societies Exhibition

Inter Reality

An ongoing research on the reciprocal relation of observation and experience in new media. The research looks at the impact of the prevalent (social) simulations which currently redefine the borders between the observed and the experienced. It is approaching virtuality in specific in order to find possible causes of contemporary (social) dynamics. The proposed aim is to translate possible findings of native, virtual phenomena back into physical actuality.

Inter Reality was a project done in collaboration with Carl Rethman

Signs Of Adaption

Signs Of Adaption is a proposal to integrate self-learning structures into the long established ecosystems that surround us. The aim is to achieve a symbiotic relationship of both, the nature and the technology we create. The project consists of a series of site-specific installations that are meant as analogue sketches for possible collaborative systems.

'Signs Of Adaption' was exhibited at the Onomatopee.

It was also a project done in collaboration with Carl Rethman


Treesome is an interactive simulation program that simulates growth of vegetation. The interaction is made by user and real time elements. The user interaction exists of basic gardening techniques. The simulation gets real time input from the surroundings, input like temperature, rain, wind and daylight absorption. Treesome tries to stay as true as possible to the real rules of vegetation.

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